Together, let's help direct provision!

The direct provision system in Ireland is not meeting the basic needs of asylum seekers in Ireland.  We work for those in the system, to help make their day to day lives that little bit easier, whilst campaigning for change. 

What's going on with direct provision?

We educate our audience about life in DP. We amplify the voices of those in DP & share their stories. I strongly advise you to check out Let's Learn.

Let's Learn is a short email series that educates people about Direct Provision in Ireland. It's free and gives a great over view about what DP is like.

We consistently put out information about DP, what we do here & what needs to be done to help

Let's Match Mums

we match mothers in Direct Provision to mothers outside DP who have a child of a similar age, so they can pass on items such as clothes, toys, nappies and any baby equipment. Apply below or check out our blog for more info. 

Let's Drop

We bring requested items to asylum seekers in Direct Provision. Want to help us with our Direct Provision Drops? Whether it's helping us fund our drops, giving your time with a drop for an afternoon, putting your killer design skills to use or a mind-blowing idea you want to share with us.. we'd love to hear from you!