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Let's Match Mums

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Let’s Match Mums is a new social enterprise launched by the founder of Let's Help Direct Provision. It's aim is to match mothers in Direct Provision (DP) centres to mothers outside of DP who would like to donate some clothes, toys, nappies and other baby equipment.

What we do

The average cost of raising a child ‘from cradle to college’ in Ireland was estimated at €105,321. This upcoming Mother’s Day, we would like to let mothers in Direct Provision know that we want to help them.

Let’s Help is an organization that focuses on educating people about DP & bringing needed donations to Asylum Seekers in Direct Provision. We facilitated those in DP by telling their stories whilst bringing requested donations to their centres.

Through facilitating Direct Provision drops and becoming acquainted with those seeking asylum, we have learnt a lot about what the most needed & requested donations are and which can be used to the greatest advantage by those in DP. Initially Let’s help was an organization set up to help facilitate hygiene products and PPE gear to DP centres as well as frontline workers, as its evolved Let’s Help now fully commits our resources to provide requested items for asylum seekers. Over time, requests from centres changed from hygiene products and cleaning supplies to case-by-case bases, where the Let’s Help Instagram page & website facilitated a communication connection between us and those directly in DP.

Last summer, we put together baby boxes for expectant mothers in DP. We had impressive volumes of mothers in Dublin & Ireland donating very high-quality baby products that asylum seekers in DP were delighted to receive. It became clear that as the baby grew, the mothers in DP would be in need of more items & the mothers who were donating would have more donations to give. This is when we thought of the idea to match mothers with children of similar ages with one another, to keep donations going and to ensure that we are listening to and considering the needs of asylum seekers.

How can I apply?

Applications for Let’s Match Mums are ope. If you would like to apply, you can fill out the form linked here:

Who can apply?

Anyone who has high-quality baby and children clothes, equipment, toys to donate or those who would like to donate nappies, formula, or baby food. You can see a full list of suitable items here.

You do not need to be a mother to apply! Anyone who would like to get involved and has suitable donations can apply.

If you wish to donate other items or be involved in another way you can sign up via this link.

The Facts

Laya healthcare published the cost of raising a child in Ireland ‘from cradle to college’ for 2020 and estimated it at around €105,321 with the majority of parents (77%) admitting they put too much pressure on themselves to give their kids everything. In 2018, the Oireachtas published data stating that over 1,500 of those in Direct Provision were children.

Over the past three years, this number has only risen. Currently, it is estimated that children account for 30% of those seeking asylum. Many mothers who seek asylum have fled dangerous and violent environments, some doing so while pregnant. It should also be noted that many of these women have no access to childcare and may be raising their children alone without the right to work.

The birth rate for Ireland in 2020 was 12.352 births per 1000 people. Given that there are 4.9 million people currently living in Ireland, that accounts for a lot of baby equipment and clothes. With Let’s Match Mums, we hope to help promote sustainability as well as catering to the needs of asylum seeker mothers who are in need of our help.

How will Mums be matched?

Using the data that we collect from the volunteer applications, we will arrange suitable matches between the mothers donating and the mothers in DP. Please note, the boundaries on a match will be made on a case by case basis. We will be providing anonymity to DP mothers unless they request otherwise. We will however be able to show photographs of the donations collected and will provide frequent updates on the cause. When you apply, we will provide more detail on how this will work. We can also ensure that as long as your items are of high quality, they will be either given to a mother and her children in DP.

What to Donate:

  • High-quality baby clothes, equipment, toys that do not show any signs of use and are ‘like new’ (basically don't donate anything you wouldn't accept yourself).

  • High-quality children’s clothes and toys that do not show any signs of use and are ‘like new’.

  • Nappies, baby formula, baby food.

  • School bags, copybooks, pencil cases, pens.

  • School shoes

  • Runners

  • Toys

  • Sanitary Towels

  • Clothes, toys, baby equipment

We will go through the requirements in more detail when about to be matched. Products requested are different on a case by case basis and vary from centre to centre.

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